-Our Team-

We’re more than sisters, we’re like a really small gang
— unknown

Events Stylist


She has a strong sense of style and an intense drive to get things done. Every project has heart and Donna is dedicated to reflecting the spirit of it through events and photo sessions. Her event design will create sincere, individualized memories.


Photographer/Quality Control


She brings light and love to every project and ensures that everything All Dei produces accomplishes it’s overall aim. Katherine’s artistic eye yields not just excellence, but a dimension of adoration. She is passionate about the message behind her art. Her go-to process? Inquire, learn, sympathize, create & repeat.


Process/Studio Manager


She is our best mind. Jacqueline oversees daily operations and exceeds the highest expectations. She analyzes and optimizes All Dei Events to come up with immediate and composed solutions. She is courageous, responsible and organized. Her complete devotion is with the project.


Personal (Yoga) instructor


She is indispensable. Vivian is crucial to your goal of balance. No one is sharper or more perceptive. She increases the quality of both mind and body’s personal health. She has a steady determination and is legendary.